5 Iron-clad Investing Tips Beginners Must Know About.

In this article, I’m going to share the top 5 tips that will lay the foundation for your investment strategy for many years to come.  Whether it’s 1995, 2014, or sometime in the future, these are proven tips that experienced investors use as a framework when building a strategy.  As a beginner, it is crucial […]

Dividends 2021

Dividends For The Long Run

It is always good to learn from your mistakes: it is much less painful to learn from someone else’s. When I first started investing I was guilty of a number of beginner mistakes, although some seem so ridiculously misguided that I think labeling them as “beginner mistakes” is an insult to beginners. It wasn’t that […]


Fundamental Analysis: The Balance Sheet

Introduction All successful investors have one thing in common… they all know how to properly analyze which companies that they should invest their money in.  This analysis helps them put their resources where there is a reasonable expectation of profit.   If you want to be a successful investor, you too will need to learn […]


Charlie Munger on Common Sense and Investing

Introduction of Charlie Munger Charlie Thomas Munger was born on 1st January, 1924 as is considered as one of the most well-known American Lawyer, businessman, financial expert and Philanthropist. Being vice chairman of Berkshire Hathay, that is being controlled by Warren Buffet, Charlie has always been seen a partner of Warren Buffet. He is well […]


Books on Investing

We’re big readers over here. Naturally, we have a few books on investing to recommend. If you’ve read our Beginners Guide To Investing, you know that the first step on the road to being rich as hell from investing in stocks is to educate yourself on the subject.Sure, make a few wild and crazy trades […]


How to Balance Investing Fear and Greed

As an experienced investor, I can admit that I have been affected by fear and greed, two of the biggest psychological effects of investing.  And both effects kick in the most during volatile markets.  It is horrifying to think that one’s convictions can change so quickly, but this is a psychological effect that is very hard to […]

Peter Lynch

Peter Lynch Investing Strategies and Quotes

Even though it has been many years since Peter Lynch left the spot-light of Wall Street, his influence on traders continues today. Even some 25 years after Peter Lynch’s retirement, hardly a month goes by without some new Peter Lynch investing strategy or quote being passed around on Wall Street. The reason is that Peter […]

Invest Gold

Why and How to Invest in Gold

Investing in gold is not as easy as it sounds.  That’s because, while everyone has easy access to buying stocks, bonds and mutual funds, investing in gold is not regulated by the same authority.  And there are many ways to acquire gold, or at least reap the benefits of gold investing.  For example, you never see […]

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