Swing Trading

All That You Need to Know About Swing Trading Strategies

Swing trading is among the most used trading strategies by stock market investors of different levels and experiences. It is perfectly suitable for people working/studying full time or have to do other things during the day. Usually, the more you work on something, the more you make. However, when it comes to swing trading, it […]

bonds 2014

Should I Invest in Bonds?

Recently I received a question from a reader asking: “Should I invest some of my money in bonds or is it OK to put everything in dividend growth stocks?” If you’re a frequent reader of this site, you understand that I am a dividend growth investor at heart.  I love researching, reading, discussing and investing […]


Investment And Emotions

Probably the most tough issues of stock market timing victory is handling our feelings. Like oil and water, money as well as emotions do not combine. There’s nothing wrong with emotions, obviously. A story of good love will fill your eyes with tears. Injustice may fill up your heart with anger, and also a job […]


Stock Market Timing Advice For Investors

You will find many significant criteria necessary to be a winning market investor. Funds don’t accumulate in your account without some work in your part. Actually, stock market timing implies pitting your sentiment abilities on those of tens of many added traders. The common those who create investments in the market suffer the loss of […]

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