Investing in Junk Bonds

This is one of the riskiest investments out there. Your risk is much higher than equities, although the returns can be spectacular. Junk bonds are the lower credit quality firms belonging to the real possibility of imminent bankruptcy. Do not confuse a junk bond with a high yield bond. The high-yield bonds are those issued […]

Investment Advice

Investment Advice by Warren Buffett Guidelines

We summarize those boards of investment over the years has left Warren Buffett. They are nothing new and even many of us already do some even without realizing it, but never hurt to know how the mind thinks the greatest investor of our era. 1. Do not consider yourself a guru. Warren Buffett warns that […]


How to Balance Investing Fear and Greed

As an experienced investor, I can admit that I have been affected by fear and greed, two of the biggest psychological effects of investing.  And both effects kick in the most during volatile markets.  It is horrifying to think that one’s convictions can change so quickly, but this is a psychological effect that is very hard to […]

Invest By

Principles to Invest By

Money and emotions are so intertwined that any change in a financial situation often has nothing to do with money, but is about a balance of power in the relationship. ~ Ginita Wall Investing is emotional… and every investor, at one time or another, has to contend with emotion-driven investing decisions.  When we make wise […]

Peter Lynch

Peter Lynch Investing Strategies and Quotes

Even though it has been many years since Peter Lynch left the spot-light of Wall Street, his influence on traders continues today. Even some 25 years after Peter Lynch’s retirement, hardly a month goes by without some new Peter Lynch investing strategy or quote being passed around on Wall Street. The reason is that Peter […]

Invest Gold

Why and How to Invest in Gold

Investing in gold is not as easy as it sounds.  That’s because, while everyone has easy access to buying stocks, bonds and mutual funds, investing in gold is not regulated by the same authority.  And there are many ways to acquire gold, or at least reap the benefits of gold investing.  For example, you never see […]


How to Limit Losses in Trading

Don’t Avoid Taking Losses, Embrace It Taking losses is an integral part of trading. There is no way to avoid it. It doesn’t matter if you are a new trader or a veteran trader. Understand it this way: taking losses to traders is like taking punches to boxers.  The sooner you understand and truly accept […]